Kernel Tuner Reborn

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Kernel Tuner is back!

After more than a year (latest version on Google Play Store is from Jun 23. 2013) i have finally decided bring Kernel Tuner back to life.

I will be adding support for newer devices (including my Nexus 5), and also most of the app will be redesigned

App should also be more stable now

Here are some  screenshots:

device-2014-07-19-133906 device-2014-07-19-133925 device-2014-07-19-133936 device-2014-07-19-133950 device-2014-07-19-134012 device-2014-07-19-134145 device-2014-07-19-134156 device-2014-07-19-134210 device-2014-07-19-135915


You can download latest nightly release from here:

You can check build status and build time here:

Builds are done automatically by the server every day at midnight

This builds are of course far from stable, new version is still work in progress, a lot has been changed

Let me know if any bugs(there will be a lot of bugs, i’m sure) you find, and what you think of new version

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