[GAME]Secret Mario Chronicles Android

SMC Loading Screen          device-2014-05-25-162848Screenshot_2014-05-23-09-03-21


I started porting Secret Maryo Chronicles (https://github.com/FluXy/SMC) game to Android

My source is here: https://github.com/pedja1/SMC-Android

All my work that i commit will be on a “working” branch, i don’t know if master even compiles

2014.09.23: Current working branch is “multiplatform-config”

Any contribution is welcome

Only graphic is used from original game for now, code is written by me entirely since original game is written in c++
I used libgdx as game engine

There is no much for now, only main menu and one level with only few objects(no enemies), you can move character

There is a lot left to be done (enemies physics, enemy ai, levels, pause menu, audio )

To test this game join this community https://plus.google.com/communities/…66828669515921 and then become tester here https://play.google.com/apps/testing/rs.papltd.smc
After that you will be able to download game from Google Play Store

2014.09.23: version on play store is outdated, if you want to try game, compile it yourself

This thread is intended for developers who wants to help me finish this game, game is far from playable, there is nothing you can do except jump around
Any kind of help is appreciated

If you build game from source you need to follow this steps:
1. Build game (./gradlew assembleDebug for debug or from androidstudio/intellij) 
2.a: To build obb file use this jobb from android sdk:
execute it from game root directory

jobb -d ./data/ -o main.20140518.rs.papltd.smc.debug.obb -pv 20140518 -pn rs.papltd.smc.debug

replace 20140518 with versionCode from build.gradle/AndroidManifest.xml and rs.papltd.smc.debug with your package name if you changed it
2.b: Put obb file under {external_storage_dir}/Android/obb/rs.papltd.smc.debug/(change rs.papltd.smc.debug to your package name if you changed it)

2014.09.23: obb is no longer needed, all assets are packed in apk, just compile and run

Install and run game